Work Process

Investing in a Digital Future

Our goal is to advance the overall development of the sector by investing and sharing our experience with the most innovative crypto projects in the world.

  • Pioneers in the investment of digital assets

  • Ensuring safe, compliant and transparent investment services

  • Combining crypto-native knowledge with a honed investment strategy

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand access to the digital asset ecosystem while serving as a trusted partner for our clients.

Crynput strongly believes in finding the right balance between crypto-native expertise and the institutional financial marketplace. The team combines a crypto-native expertise with a honed investment strategy to create smart investment opportunities in a digital economy.

Management Team

Specialists in portfolio management, decentralized networks, research, trading, market structure, engineering, law and regulation

Toni Castro
Toni Castro

Passionate about new technologies, working to make the world a safer place. Yes, I am a hacker reinvented as an entrepreneur

Alvaro Ruiz
Álvaro Ruiz

Entrepreneur specialized in investments with an important portfolio of large clients